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Goketo Hot Chocolate Slimming Weight Loss

Keto Slimming Chocolate

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You wake up in the morning or you are driving thru fast food chains and you will find yourself left with SUGAR loaded beverages. More than 30 grams of sugar are on your regular HOT CHOCO that can be found 90% of the convenience store or fast food joints. 
Sugar is responsible for your steady gain and just by eliminating and substituting your lifestyle with GOKETO products, you will find yourself slowly gaining the energy you need. No more sugar Spike or insulin Spike.

Our HOT CHOCO is rich, flavourful and healthy with ZERO SUGAR and only 3 grams of net carbs. Roughly just around 50-60 calories per servings vs 200-300 cal from other brands.

TIP : Pour the Goketo Choco on a hot cup and stir well, our products contains 5 grams of MCT and thus may taste weird if you did not stir enough. We also prefer HOT on this treat.